Tartu Fightsport Gym Võimla


Legal entity: Elustreening Eesti MTÜ

Registration number: 80203496

Bank account no: EE022200221025981174

E-mail address:






1.1 Trainings begin at a specified time – please arrive with sufficient time to change clothes and prepare for the training. Trainings begin with a general warmup; being late can make you more prone to injuries and is distracting to other participants.


1.2 Registration is necessary before each training. You can register with your coach by presenting your personal QR or numeral code that you receive upon membership registration. Please carry your code with you or learn it by heart.


1.3 Listen and act according to your coach’s instructions during trainings.


1.4 Inform your coach about all problems and concerns that arise during training.


1.5 Inform your coach about all accidents and if there is a need of a first-aid kit. Please call 112 in case of emergencies.


1.6 The coach has the right to deny training to anyone who disregard the internal rules and regulations or are a danger to the safety and well-being of other participants.





2.1 Trainees are responsible for having the needed equipment during trainings. A comprehensive list for the necessary equipment can be found on Võimla’s website.


2.2 Mouth guard is mandatory in all full-contact trainings.


2.3 Please notify your coach if you are missing some equipment before the beginning of training. You will be able to use Võimla’s equipment if possible (with the exception of mouth guards and cups). Võimla’s equipment is to be used carefully and to be returned to the coach after the training is finished.





3,1 No outdoor footwear on the mats or dressing rooms.


3.2 Acceptable options for training on the mats: bare feet, socks, wrestling shoes (with the exception of A Le Coq sports hall where no wrestling shoes are allowed). Please wear flip-flops when walking from the mats to the dressing rooms.


3.3 Clothing must be intact, clean, and appropriate for training. Clothing must be without zippers, buttons, and other hard details that could harm other participants.





4.1 Personal hygiene is of utmost importance when practicing contact sports!


4.2 All participants must be clean and shower before training if necessary. Speed is of the essence when it comes to showering after training.


4.3 Trim finger and toe nails regularly. Long hair must be tied back and all jewellery removed during training.


4.4 All training clothing must be washed after each training session (including your gi and its belt).


4.5 Do not train when you are sick and could infect others.





5.1 Training in Võimla should support the health of the trainee. This includes their mental, physical, and social well-being.


5.2 All trainees are polite, tolerant and attentive to others. They are the representatives of Võimla’s values and beliefs. Trainees value a healthy lifestyle, promote fight sport and keep the good name of Võimla.


5.3 Trainees must not endanger the health and well-being of themselves, the coaches, and other participants while training.


5.4 Cleanliness is of utmost importance both in training halls and dressing rooms.


5.5 Smoking and use of alcohol or other substances is prohibited while training.


5.6 Clothing can be kept in dressing rooms. It is recommended to bring all valuables to the training hall during trainings.


5.7. Võimla is not responsible for the members’ personal belongings.


5.8 All property of Võimla and other third parties are to be used with care and attention.

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Tartu Fightsport Gym VÕIMLA is the first ever BJJ and MMA gym in Estonia. We train brasilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) and mixed martial arts (MMA); classes for all levels.


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