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Starting from 11.01.2021 we are back with the weekly dynamic schedule. It is mandatory to sign up to each class beforehand. Read more on the system HERE!

  • Guests who have previous combat sports experience and wish to attend the classes temporarily need to REGISTER HERE! After that you have to wait until we send you the information about the class schedule and registrations.
  • If you wish to (re)join Võimla then CONTACT US. We will send you the necessary documents, membership fee and schedule information.

Only people that have registered to a specific class are allowed on the mats.


Stay safe and healthy!

Võimla BJJ MMA Tartu Estonia

Tartu Fightsport Gym VÕIMLA is the first ever BJJ and MMA gym in Estonia. We train brasilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) and mixed martial arts (MMA); classes for all levels.


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