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Striking Basics Course
15.01 – 24.03.2024
Mon & Wed 19.45-21.15 (Ujula 4, Tartu)
Sun 16.45-18.15 (Ujula 4, Tartu)
The group is full! Next courses will start at the end of March!


The basics of boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai quickly, systematically and safely – all this from one basics course! We welcome all grown-ups and youngsters at least 15 years old who do not have any previous experience in full contact combat sports.

Are you looking for exciting challenges but a safe training environment? Do you wish to exercise effectively and with lots of variation? Want to improve your physical form, become faster-stronger-better, learn self defence and find friends for life? We have it all – come join the striking basics course at Võimla!

During the ten weeks you will acquire the basic skills of boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai – different strikes, kicks, punches and defence techniques. You will find out what is a ‘drill’ and a ‘spar’ and how to be a good training partner. You get to regulate the intensity of the class yourself according your personal physical form, but the improvement of it is guaranteed for everyone.

The basics course is a foundation for moving on to kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA or any other full contact striking sport. Course completion is a prerequisite for joining the advanced standup fighting and MMA groups at Võimla.

Groundfighting Basics Course
16.01 – 24.03.2024
Tue & Thu 19.45-21.15 (Ujula 4, Tartu)
Sun 18.15-19.45 (Ujula 4, Tartu)
The group is full! Next courses will start at the end of March!


Groundfighting basics course is the best oppurtunity to get acquainted with combat sports, learn basic self defence skills and get in a better shape by doing various fun excercises. We welcome grown-ups and youngsters at least 15 years old who do not have any previous experience in full contact combat sports!

During the ten week course you will acquire the basic techniques and principles of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and you will be able to combine all of them. You will learn the main dominating positions and how to achieve them, defence techniques and escapes, and of course the most common submissions.

The classes offer exercise for both body and mind – you’ll forget all your worries the moment you step on the mats. Brazilian jiu-jitsu improves your physical form, makes your body become stronger, but also more flexible and mobile. You’ll learn to move in ways you’ve never even thought of. BJJ in its liveliness and functionality is also the best sport for learning self defence skills.

Completing the groundfighting basics course is a prerequisite for joining the BJJ advanced group at Voimla. It is also a strong foundation for mixed martial arts and self defence skills.



  • One basics course
  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Three classes per week



  • Two basics courses
  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Five classes per week




Feedback from previous courses:

“The course was quite intensive but there was enough emphasis on learning the techniques and practicing them. I do feel safer walking the streets at night”



“The striking course is a good way to get out of your comfort zone. It is quite physical but you do need to pay attention constantly. I am very happy with the course! “



“My Jiu Jitsu experience here in Võimla has been life-changing. My training has become extremely important to me while at the same time super fun.”



“The more time passed the more I liked the course. The beginning was difficult but the trainers helped us a lot and made everything more easy.  I will definitely continue with this sport! “



“This is the best place to learn from and whether you have past martial arts experience or not, anyone can learn Jiu-Jitsu!”



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