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  • Membership fee

Membership fee for 1 month

50 €

Membership fee for 3 months

120 €

One time visit mat fee

10 €

Private lesson

35 €

  • Membership fee is from date to date – e.g. starting from May 7th the fee applies until June 6th. 
  • Please indicate the starting date for the membership fee, in other cases the fee is considered to apply starting from the following day after the previous membership fee has expired. 
  • You are considered to agree to Võimla’s Internal Rules and Training Conditions when paying the membership fee and participating in training sessions.

Our payment data:
Elustreening Eesti MTÜ
EE022200221025981174 (Swedbank)
Explanation: name of the course, name of the participant

Võimla BJJ MMA Tartu Estonia

Tartu Fightsport Gym VÕIMLA is the first ever BJJ and MMA gym in Estonia. We train brasilian jiu jitsu (BJJ) and mixed martial arts (MMA); classes for all levels.


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  Tartu Fightsport Gym VÕIMLA
    Tartu, Estonia
  +372 5563 1192